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~My Favorite Things~
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~Hello and Welcome~
**First off I'd like to say that the ads that are on this site I'm not responsible for. They were recently put here and I wish that I could remove them.**
Hello to one and all! I'm so happy that you've decided to pay me a visit. Here you'll learn about me; how I came in to the truth, my interests, the people in my family etc. I've also included a list of my favorite links to other sites.


~Hello and Welcome to everyone who visits this web site.~

I hope that you'll enjoy your visit here as much as I would enjoy having you here. Take your time, look around. There is a lot to see and you can also learn a bit about me. There is a fun stuff page where you'll find a few games and a daily quiz section and more. If you find any broken links or errors on any of the pages, please let me know by clicking here or by visiting the contact me page. On "The Chatter Box" page you'll find a tag board, feel free to say hi or leave a message! One thing I ask of you,  Please visit this page  before you leave. I hope that you will enjoy your visit and please come again soon! I will keep things updated and there will be More To Come Later!



What's New?

Ok, as far as my progress goes, I've now added a page about Trinidad and t.'Under The Sea' is finally finished...woohoo! On to 'Roses and Flowers next. All on good time. I've added some music and a couple of new gifs to certain pages also. Look around and see which ones. Looking forward to your visits. Oh, for those who may have been awaiting the 'Foregleams of Paradise' page, that'll come later. :o) TTYL.
I would like everyone to know that I am not the creator of any of the gifs on the site. To my knowledge, all of the gifs used are free of  any copyrights and I took the time to look for those where the owners/creators gave permission for them to be used ONLY on PERSONAL web sites (non-commercial etc). :o)


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It's Good To Have You Here.
Make Yourself At Home.



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