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~My Favorite Things~
~Written By: Ada Crocket (ArizonaRose)~

The Promise
Sometimes I sit and close my eyes,
And let out a big sigh,
I like to try and picture
The wonderful things that will be in our future,
No more crime or fear,
No more meanness or tears,
No more hobbling along
Instead everyone will be standing strong,
Instead of sickness will be wellness,
Instead of sadness will be happiness,
Every person adult or child
Will mingle with the animals that are wild,
No more pollution
Jehovah will provide the solution,
To Jehovah we must draw close,
So that we can be among those,
We must do what we are able,
And keep reading the Bible,
We must remember how Jehovah was so kind,
Strive to keep him first in our heart and mind,
We need to remember the big picture,
That Jehovah promised us for our future.

Arizona Rose aka A.C.
October 2002