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~My Favorite Things~
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~Written by: Ann Rose McCartney ~




Daffodils fill their cups with tears
As they peek through scorching sand
The gentleness of heaven broods
Over the scorching sand and tears
Oh, that the world were filled with love


Oh that the world were filled with love
Then the Daffodils would not weep
Clouds would hide them from scorching sand
The heavens would no longer brood
Cry no more - little Daffodil

Cry no more - little Daffodil
Soon, the world will be filled with love
No more will there be scorching sand
No longer will the heavens brood,Clouds of mystery will remain






I feel the wind hurting across my face
The glass window broken, tearing down the lace.

A tornado has struck, with no warning to me
The Silent Wind has struck unmercifully.

The Silent Wind may be so deceiving too
What if I could hear it like other people do?

But I'm in a world of silence and of fear
Danger lurches, but I don't know it is near.

I'm crying for help now, as sirens must roar
The police are crashing through my front door.

The Silent Wind has yielded terror and maim
Thankfully, I am safe, and not in any pain.

How I look ahead when there will be a time
No more tornadoes, a promise of no more crime.

The Bible tells of such wonderful hope
So with the Silent Wind, I now try to cope.





Perhaps you have heard it said?

Worry never climbed a hill

Worry never paid a bill


Yes, it is true:

Worry never helps your skill

Worry goes against your will

Worry could make someone ill

Worry might cause you a chill


And also:

Worry did not help poor Jill

Worry never stopped the will

Worry needs an anti-pill

Worry abounds on Knob Hill


Worry needs to come to nil

Worry never dreams fulfill






There is a little town out West
With happy homes amidst the heat
Some even think it is the best
They say their town just cant be beat
In Yucaipa!


The palm trees swaying in the breeze
What a picturesque sight to see
It does get cold but does not freeze
Why not come out and visit me?
In Yucaipa!

There seems to be a magic wand
That is drawing people out here
To form an unbreakable bond
That keeps friends and family near
In Yucaipa!

A golf course in the hills above
Lakes, fishing, camping, and fountains
Oak Glen is a place you would love
Up above us in our mountains
In Yucaipa!

Apple Season is at our door
So come on out and go with us
Theres thirty gift shops to explore
You can go by car or by bus
In Yucaipa!





~Bird Watching~
Bird watching can be unique
A fascinating hobby for some
Birds are beautiful to hear
And birds can be of all colors too
Attract the local bird life
With water, and colorful feeders
Birds will come, just wait and see
And youll be astonished as they do
Field Guides for your neighborhood
With binoculars around your neck
Be patient as you walk around
And wait for the birds to come to you
Humming birds and mocking birds
A flamingo, peacock, or blue jay
Birding can be done year round
A healthy past time that is not new
Bird watching is exciting
Full of variety and surprise
So write down what you observe
Happy bird watching can be yours too!

humming bird



~The Garden~
The seed planted in the soil of hearts.
It opens the doors into time unknown.
Love is just a seed that grows.
It is the beginning of a miracle.
The Seed
The Garden
The blossom opens into flowers of love.
It thrives in colors of beauty.
It throbs with life and radiant _expression.
It turns into laughter and magic as joy takes heart.
The blossom
The seed
The garden
Expressions of great joy and pleasures fill the garden.
Dazzling beauty fills the air with awesome wonder.
Endless rows of love sway in the breeze as lovers reminisce.
As they walk in a garden of love.
The fruitage
The blossom
The seed
The garden




~To The Gray Whales~

Praise Jehovah all sea monsters
Speed, for hundreds of miles, or more
Sing, mighty creatures of the sea
Until you reach a Northern shore

Winds and waves of Ocean's might
Brings you home to Baja - once more
Where 'whale watching boats' await you
On the California shore

Your songs of the sea praise God
As they resound upon the shore
Like celestial symphonies
Forever more - forever more?




Ducks?  You didnt know I like ducks?

Ducks in all their sizes

Ducks like Sara Lee made for me

Ducks that are mostly white

Ducks might win lots of prizes

Ducks that just will not bite

Ducks could give you a surprise

Ducks are silent at night!


Cats are second place to me

Cats  - in every size

Cats that I bought from Esther Mann

Cats that are mostly white

Cats Im sure could win a prize

Cats that give me a fright

Cats could give you a surprise

Cats not silent at night!


Stirred by Magnificent Things
Written by: Anna Rose McCartney

Stirred by magnificent things,
Is what we all want to be.
To be 'radiant' with 'truth'
As we serve God joyfully.

The world is a 'dead end' street,
Though, we stay on the 'road' to life.
Showing love to all we meet,
Keeping free of worldly strife.

Preaching about God's Kingdom,
And how Jesus is our King.
Will help others find God too,
As rich blessings He will bring.

Being 'radiant' with 'truth'
Will help us not to sigh.
To be stirred by magnificent things,
Brought by God from upon high.

So, we will keep on praying,
For our 'paradise' so sweet.
And praise our God, Jehovah.
Staying off a 'dead end' street.