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~My Favorite Things~
~Written by: Corby Magnuson~


Unnoticed Answer 

 (by Corby Magnuson)


From out their house of night
With its darkness and its roiling gloom
They seek his healing light
And try to flee their fleshly tomb


Speak to me oh my God they've said
But they hear only the nightingale
They feel that God from them has fled
And between them hangs the darkest veil


Keening then, they cry aloud
Speak to us if you're there above
His response it thunders from the cloud
Still they do not hear the God of love


Oh Father in the spirals of your grace
Grant us this then from there afar
Let us see your lustrous glowing  face
And there breaks upon them then a star


Oh touch us God that we not die
This anguished cry of heart they pray
Touched then gently by a butterfly
They sadly brush it off and turn away


There's many a heart of darkened wine
And God's presence they refuse to see
They cannot sense Gods touch divine
And the love he has for you and me